A Decentralized Token that can change the World as we know it

Nisseland Token is a token that aims to bring joy to children all around the world, and to help support charities that work against child trafficking and exploitation of children.

To make wishes come true 10% of the total supply of Nisseland Token will be used to buy christmas presents for the next 10 years if the token is a success.

Become part of Nisselands Community and help bring joy to the world.

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White Paper for Nisseland Token (NILT)

Nisseland Token(NILT) will be a token that aims to bring joy to the world in the form of fun and Christmas presents for kids all around the world, and at the same time give people the opportunity to earn a little money.

For this reason Nisseland Token only 2% of the tokens total supply will go to the creator and Nisseland.net, while 28% of the total supply will go to a foundation that will buy presents and send them out to kids in need.

About 5% will be set aside to pay programmers who can continue to develop the token.

The rest of the token will be sold on the open market, and you will be able to buy goods on Nisseland.net and Nissenet.com with them.